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Advent House Fellowship

Advent House Ministries (AHM) shares our building. Advent House offers a variety of community services including meal pick up and housing and utility assistance. Contact AHM for more information at 517-485-4722.

Christian Services


The Personal Needs Closet is funded by Personal Donations and many local area churches. Christian Services/Love Inc. provides references for those in need to our program. The Personal Needs Closet currently provides Dollar Store gift cards for grooming and hygiene items that can not be purchased with food stamps to those in need. Contact Christian Services at 517-394-5411 to apply.

Personal Needs Closet


The NWPC Personal Needs Closet's mission is to make life healthier and happier for the many needy Lansing area families that come to our doors.

Currently eligible recipients will receive Dollar Store gift cards to make purchases of cleaning, personal hygiene and toiletry items.


To apply to receive gift cards, please call Lansing Christian Services at (517)394-5411.




Annually Events NWPC participates in:

+One Great Hour of Sharing

+Pentecost Offering

+Blanket Sunday

+Peacemaking Offering

+Christmas Joy Offering


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